For a Change of Pace…..

I’m going to blog about ear infections….but this time, Jr. is going to be the infected one. How’s that for mixing it up a bit??!?!?! Friday was our first official day of spring break, and we spent most of the afternoon at the doctor’s, and then at 2 pharmacies, and 2 med supply places attmepting to get the assorted prescribed goodies. Turns out, nebulizers (the boy also has bronchitis, and needs breathing treatments) are hard to come by in this town, and those with said nebulizers are draining the town of albuterol as well….thus the two pharmacies we got to visit. We ended up borrowing a machine from a friend (what a lifesaver),and after just 3 treatments, his cough is almost gone. As for the ear infection, he was showing no signs of one anyway.

Yesterday afternoon he was spirited enough that we went to my alma mater for the annual alumni Easter egg hunt. MAM is over her fear of large, furry critters, and the boy thought he was a hoot.

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