Making Life Better

I am always in the look out for time saving tips, budget deals and new recipes. The website, delivers on all three counts. This is a one-stop website that combines all of what busy moms are looking for–beauty tips, recipes, and idea for family fun. The site does feature the Unilever family of products (ranging from Suave shampoo to Ragu marinara), and offers great, easy to implement ideas.

The section “budget recipes” has gotten a lot of use in my house already, weeknights around these parts definitely call for easy meals, and the price per seving is a helpful guide.

Go check it out already….after a few minutes, you’ll probably find at least one tip you can use!

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  1. I loved the “Beauty on a Budget” feature. Kills me when mags like “O” recommend $80 moisturizers, $30 lipsticks. Really, who besides Oprah and her staff spends that kind of dough?? Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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