What are the Chances??

That this week is the week that we end our fantastic weekend at 9pm on Sunday night.

That I needed to be at work early on Monday to host parents in my classroom. That Monday at lunch is my most opportune time to stock up on “ladies days” supplies? That Monday is the night I have to schlep both kids to Trader Joe’s because hubby is in class?

That Tuesday morning I need to be at work early to host parents in my co-worker’s classroom because she’s on leave? That Tuesday afternoon is Jr.’s 9 month check up? That Tuesday night I have to show the house that my friends are renting out (and I’m showing), and then I have to go to do the “big” shopping and get home at 9:30?

That this is the morning I have to get to the bagel shop in the dark, in the pouring rain, to buy bagels for the school book fair, which opens at 7:30am, and then get to my classroom to host some more parents? That I have a snack to bring for a co-workers birthday? That after school I have a haircut, then pick up Jr. and get to pick out his super cute pictures, and then, randomly. find out that his daycare has a new director and that she’s greeting people at the door because the director I greeted this morning in the rain has been let go?? That I need to deposit the check for showing said house, and on the way, MAM needs to pull over and use the restroom at the Golden Corral?? That tonight is the night I need to make dinner for the co-worker on leave, so I can bring it to her tomorrow???

That tomorrow I have to show the house again? That somewhere between now and Monday I need to write 23 conference reports? And schedule 23 parent teacher conferences next week? And you know, do the obligatory laundry, general household tasks and work 40 hours on top of it????

Really, please tell me…..is this your week too?????

Silver lining: I bought OJ at Trader Joes. And Grandma bought me vodka for Christmas. Think she knows me?? Or remembers these days???

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