Tonight hubby and I went out on a date. Nothing fancy–just a Mexican restaurant that we like to go to, a little walk around the neighborhood, a stroll around the mall and the first Frappucino of the season.

My margarita was a little off (too tart? a little weak? not sure),and the service at the restaurant was so-so at best. But you know what? It didn’t even matter. We had FOUR whole hours…no hurry at all. We had complete conversations on a variety of topics with no interruptions. The venue and lack of service were just background to me.

We really should get out more often….when was your last date night?? How often do you get out sans little people???

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  1. We just went out one night this past week. We had a church function that was cancelled last minute and already had a sitter lined up! The waitress asked how long it had been since our last date and we looked at each other and said, “Months??” She was shocked! (And then spilled Coke all over me. But, at least we got out!)

  2. that is awesome that you two had a date night! i am going to make it a goal that it happens at least monthly for keith and i. i really want to make sure we still have our us time!!

  3. Our last date night, was about 6 months ago. I wrote about it on my blog too and it was a Mexican place too!! I don’t know what we talked about before we had kids!!! Glad you had a nice time!!

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