Facebook, Twitter, or Both???

Ok, so I’ve been honest in my Facebook obsession. People have emailed me, wanting to know what is so great about it, and I will tell you, it is only as great as your friends make it. If nobody updates or communicates via Facebook, it’s rather pointless. But, if you can get a group of friends to use it, it is big fun!

I have friend from high school and college, blogging friends and family members on Facebook. When they update their status, I can see what they are up to. It is easy to share pictures and notes, and easy to comment on shared items. It is fun to send “gifts”…one of my favorite applications is one that is gifts from my hometown–someone has taken pictures of many Northwest Indiana icons and turned it into an app.

So, that is Facebook.

Can someone please enlighten me about the Twitter?

Do you Facebook? Twitter? Both? Neither?? Please, do tell!!

3 Replies to “Facebook, Twitter, or Both???”

  1. I actually prefer Twitter to Facebook, but I’ve found that I was getting sucked in and I needed to step away from the computer for a while. I hardly post anything now.

    The things that you like about Facebook were the things that frustrated me. I was tired of people poking me and throwing snow balls at me and stuff. Twitter is just the updates without all the other stuff.

  2. I have most real life friends on Facebook but only blog friends on Twitter. Where Facebook is a mix of updates, Twitter is basically blogging 5 seconds at a time. It’s boring if you’re not following anyone, but it’s awesome when conversations get going.

  3. I don’t twitter. I don’t understand the hype about it…probably because I’ve never tried it. I guess that means I prefer facebook.

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