In Like a Lion…..

March has come in like a lion at our house……like a lion who wants to squeeze into his hotsling, cuddle with his mama and cry every time sustenance attempts to be digested. Poor boy has some sort of wicked lower G.I curse….anything stronger than water or pedialyte causes DEEP, LOUD rumbling from within and expulsions no one should witness. Ugh.

So I was home Thursday, BgK was home Friday, and today it is me. Right now I’m watching what Em and I have decided is the “dumb” part of the Today show. The Kathy/Hoda part. What the hell is that, anyway??? I really don’t get it. Can’t Ellen have an extra hour?? She is far more entertaining. Are you with me???

5 Replies to “In Like a Lion…..”

  1. Oh no! Still hanging on? Well, on teh plus side, maybe more of AP’s clothes will fit when you get them eventually, if Jr isn’t gaining a pound a day at the moment….

    MIssed you all Saturday. It was a good time. WIll blog tiny bit about it later…

  2. Poor little Jr. (and you, the cleanup crew!). Hope that goes away right quick.

    Funny about the Hoda/Kathie Lee thing!

  3. Do you know what’s going on with the little guy? I hope it is something the dr’s know what to do about …

  4. Sorry you are home again. I hope everyone is well again soon. I totally agree with the Last hour of the Today’s show. The whole hour bugs me. I’m with you – add an extra hour of Ellen!

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