Thankful for Safe Travels

We are home after travelling for family Christmas celebrations. It was a really good trip, and for that I am that thankful. I have a lot say (shocker!) but also a LOT to do around this lil house of ours. I’ve learned to do laundry before coming home, so that’s not a big deal, but the unpacking/organizing that remains is ridiculous!

I hope all of your holiday travels were safe–I did learn of news this weekend that my friend’s family did not have such an outcome. Her aunt and uncle were killed in a horrible traffic accident en route to a Christmas celebration. Her cousin, 20 yrs old, was driving. He escaped with minor injuries, and a heart that will be forever heavy.

After a slow, weather-laden trip to my parent’s house, after a wonderful afternoon of family, we were watching the news and seeing coverage of accident, after accident, after accident, and I thought of all of the families dealing with situation similar to my friend’s family.

Safe travels, my friends, safe travels…..

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  1. Oh, how heartbreaking. My condolences. A good reminder that it’s always better to arrive late, than on time in an ambulance.

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