6 Months Olds?!??!

Seriously, how did this happen so quickly? Just yesterday we got the call that Jr was about to arrive–how has he tripled his birth weight and started eating baby food so quickly??

At 6 months old (officially celebrated yesterday), Jr. is a chunka-monka-hug-a-bug. Never before has there been a boy so mellow, so cuddly, so easy to please as he. He can sit up with some assistance and some propping, roll from tummy to back, scootch backward, and he is pretty good at grabbing for what he wants. He loves sweet potatoes, applesauce, squash and carrots. He has officially slept through the night for an entire week with fairly consistent sleep/wake times (yipee!).

He smiles, coos and shrieks when he’s happy. He wails when he is hungry. He is officially, today, closer to his first birthday than from his birth.

With MAM, it seemed like she was a baby forever. I couldn’t see past the moment, couldn’t see how fleeting it all was. With Jr, I can’t believe how fast it is going. I whisper to him that I’d like for him to stay a baby awhile longer, but I think he has other plans…..

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  1. He is so big!!! Sigh. I HATE how fast it all goes! I would imagine that it seems to happen pretty much at light speed, with the second.

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