An Adoption Filled Weekend

This past weekend was a full one, and much of it was adoption related. Saturday was the much anticipated meeting of adoptive parents from our agency. Seven families braved a wintry mix to meet and mingle. All four of us went, and it was a really nice time. Junior made eyes at an older woman, a delightful baby girl who was born and placed just a month before him. MAM ran around like a crazy person with a boy just six months older, and two younger toddlers. And BgK and I both enjoyed chatting with other parents who know where we are coming from. The group has decided to move online, and to meet quarterly in person. I feel like it is the beginning of a very fabulous venture!

Sunday, after breakfast with Santa (which deserves its own post) and an afternoon siesta, we ventured to visit J (the kids’ bmom) and Z (their biobro) for the holidays. We visited at Z’s paternal grandparents’ house, where they are both living. J’s had a rough fall, and it was good to see her doing fairly well. J’s mom was also there which was nice–we hadn’t seen her in over a year. MAM and Z had a ball, it turns out that he a huge fan of lining up matchbox cars all over the house too. It was very low-key visit, and of course, everyone was smitten with Junior. He smiled and cooed and did his floor exercises for everyone.

With as much as adoption was one the mind and in the conversation this weekend, MAM hasn’t had any questions/revelations on the topic. I’m sure they will come at some point….

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  1. I can’t wait to get the info on the group meeting. I hate tha tI missed it.

    SO glad to hear your meeting went well and included the g’ma. Merry C’mas to all!

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