Mommy’s Little Helper

It is hard to believe that Junior is almost six months old. He is getting more and more responsive, and the belly-laughs are music to my ears. MAM is starting to really enjoy her little brother, and likes to get down on the floor and perform for him. She is also enjoying pulling out some of her favorite toys, and offering them to him.

She was about this age when I first started showing her Baby Monet, the one Baby Einstein DVD we owned at the time. I remember the day clearly–she was tired and cranky, teething and not easily amused. I popped in Baby Monet for change in scenery and she quieted enough to hear the music. Then she started to watch, and eventually giggle. Since that day, we’ve had many a fond moment with assorted Baby Einstein DVDs, to this day she likes to cuddle up and watch Baby MacDonald, Baby Santa, and Baby Wordsworth. I’m excited to start sharing them with Junior.

MAM also enjoyed other “Baby E” products–the CDs, the board books, and a magnetic caterpillar for the bath tub. I don’t know what it is about what they make–is it the colors? the materials? a magic potion? –but she was mesmerized and entertained anything made by Baby Einstein.

Now that I’m back to work, I don’t have as much “alone” time with Junior as I’d like. But there are those quiet moments in the morning before big sis wakes up, and there are times when he’s awake and she’s busy doing her own thing. Those are times I try to take a toy or a book, and catch his attention. The Baby Einstein products are great for these moments–they are truely appealing to the youngest of children, and engage them in ways other toys don’t.

In honor of Baby Einstein’s 10th Anniversary, they have released a 10th Anniversary Edition of Baby Mozart and Baby Beethoven. I’m excited that this edition of Baby Mozart has puppet shows like the newer titles have–MAM loves the puppet shows, and still watches them when the main show is over. I know Junior will love them too!

Is your family a fan of Baby Einstein? What are your favorite picks? Are there any “must have” “Baby E” toys I should add to Junior’s Christmas list???

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  1. I love Baby Einstein! We have 6 or 8 of the CDs – even now, if we’re in the car, it’s “turn on MY moosik, MOmmy!” Then we’re happily tuning in to Baby E….

    Sorry I never found the other half of my Baby E floor gym for your Baby! I have half sitting out, and am fairly sure I would have unearthed it as I get all the C’mas decorations out…..

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