All in Day’s Work:Election Wrap Up

I can’t beleive today is only Wednesday. It should be Thursday, maybe even Friday by now. I think that the build-up to election day, and election day itself stretched into many days in my mind.

My classroom was a buzz with the candidates’ names, yesterday, and children telling the tales of voitng with their parents. They all seemed to know who their parents were voting for, although none of them could tell me why.

After work, we attended a very fun, very patriotic election night party, and when our hosts revealed the adult drinks of choice (one for each party and an independent), we were all very sad that it was a Tuesday night and not Friday. The theme for the night was red, white, and blue–think Fourth of July meets Halloween.

Good food, good friends and good political discourse (and discussing our favorite SNL skits). Why, oh why does election day have to be a Tuesday and not a Friday? We were home by about 9pm, but it was fun while it lasted! We were up waaaayyy too late, and then up way too early this morning. Really, Starbucks should have given out free coffee today.

I was wondering what the day would bring today. We had the TV on before leaving the house, and MAM immediately saw and identifited the president elect. On the way to school, she had a revelation…..Barack Obama keeps his pants dry! (she likes to categorize people as those who are potty-trained and those who are not)

In the classroom, I got to try and explain the concept of taxes, and how it, is, in fact, different than stealing.

“He’s going to steal all of our money!”

“He doesn’t steal.”

“Yes he does! He’s going to take our money and give it to other people.”

“He deosn’t steal.”

And that’s where I had to jump in with introducing the concept of taxes.

3 Replies to “All in Day’s Work:Election Wrap Up”

  1. I made the same Starbucks comment to Jim on Tuesday.

    We stayed up far too late, and I’m still tired. I just can’t bounce back like I used to.

  2. That is hilarious! My favorite line ever, “Barack Obama keeps his pants dry.” 🙂

    I am STILL tired…no matter how late I stay up, Lily still gets up way too early:)

  3. MAM makes a good point: that IS an important skill for a President.

    It wasn’t so much the lateness of the event, but the closeness of the election that alarmed me. Our state didn’t declare until 2 am. But at least — for the first time in 50 years? — we went BLUE! Hooray for Blue State Dry Pants voters.

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