oh no he didn’t

G.W. just didn’t hijack the premeire of Criminal Minds to explain to me that because greedy corporate types made bad bets on too much credit…..so now I need to pony up via a bailout so that they can get credit again to repeat the process?? WTF? 

You know you’re a grown up when a) you’re following this, b) you have at least an elementary understanding of it c) you’re emailing your congress reps to say STOP. 
Holy crap. Living on credit *has*to*stop. Apparently, it’s not just every day Americans living beyond their means, it’s Wall Street too. Unbeleivable. 
$700 billion dollars. Unfreakingbeleivable. It’s not the government’s money–it’s OUR money. Have I said unbeleivable yet? 

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  1. The truly amazing part is after creating this mess, they wanted a blank check with no restrictions. “Give us the money, but don’t tell us how to spend it.”

    Did you see on the news last night how our esteemed Treasury secretary who made this request earned a $40 million dollar golden parachute when he left Goldman Sachs?

  2. I avoided his speech last night because I didn’t think I could stomach it. I posted two very true but funny videos dealing with the whole financial mess and John McCain’s wanting to take a political timeout because of it.


  3. Thanks for the TV update cause, we don’t have one, and I prefer hearing the news from people like you with a great spin and an awesome writing style…I second…WTF???


  4. Seriously! The nerve. And, it’s not only everyday Americans and Wall Stree living beyond their means…it’s our country as a whole!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  5. Ugh, I was so mad about that. First I love Criminal Minds, Second the site of that man makes me sick & third What are they thinking? So beyond irritated by the entire thing!

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