A quick update

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my little pity-party post. MAM is feeling somewhat better, and I have accepted that fact that her list of allergens isn’t getting shorter anytime in the near future. Actual conversation:

“MAM, I think the eggs made your ear hurt.”

“Dey got wheat in dem?”

“No, it’s just egg–eggs make you sick like wheat makes you sick.”

“Da eggs make my ear hurt?”

“I think so.”

“I don’t like eggs.”

Neither do I , sweet girl, neither do I!!!

In other news–Junior is now TWO months old!! To celebrate, he’s starting to take 6oz bottles instead of 4. I’m hoping it translates into 4 hours sleeping stints at night instead of 2-3hrs.

Also, ICLW for August is currently underway–I’m off to play a bit of catch up!

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  1. Two months?!?! My goodness. I know you will have keen radar to see if Junior develops food allergies. I will be watching to see if he turns into a long-limbed spider baby like his big sister. Forgive me, but long legs are SUCH a novelty in my clan…

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