We have a belly button!

Is it wrong that when Baby A’s cord fell off yesterday my immediate thought was that I should blog about it? I mean really, what sort of complex will my kids grow up with should they discover this blog at some point and realize that the internet has known some ridiculous facts about them for quite some time now???

Anyway, baby’s cord fell off, and he is now the proud owner of a belly button. Or as MAM says, “belly butt”. We immediately burst into Sandra Boyton’s song, “belly belly button you’re oh so fine, ooh belly button I’m so happy you’re mine….”

In other almost three-week-old news, AFM is doing just great. He’s still incredibly mellow, eating about 2oz at a time, sleeping in three hour stretches at night, and most of the day, actually. He’s extremely portable and tolerant of his older sister who likes to kiss him, move his legs like he’s riding a bike and shove his paci in his mouth whenever it’s open.

I’m getting used to the “boy parts” where diaper changes are concerned–oh my the boy parts. It takes some getting used to, I tell ya.

4 Replies to “We have a belly button!”

  1. LOL! It’s funny because since we had Jake first we were used to the boy parts. Emma seemed…well, empty.

  2. I tell you, the boy parts really got me a few times (man, they can really spray!), but I’ve decided they are WAY easier to clean than girls, during the diaper changes….. Especially once you get past the circ healing part…

  3. You stopped by from NCLM a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been rude until now. 🙁 I’m sorry. I miss having a wee portable child. A child that didn’t protest going somewhere that he couldn’t bring his baggie of cheerios!! 🙂

    Boys are FUN! 🙂

  4. I, too, thought girl parts were so much easier to clean than boy parts.

    I guess your first determines your default seeting.

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