A Routine, a Cat and Some Lettuce

A Routine

I have been thoroughly enjoying this week–the week after vacation and before McBaby–it has been heavenly all the way around. Most of my joy come directly from having a spectacular time with MAM, all day, every day. We’re building a routine now that we’re home for the summer, and it’s going well. How well? Well enough that nap has been achieved every day since Tuesday and TV time has been limited to 2- 30minutes slots. As added bonuses:

MAM has been a winner on the potty–and staying dry through nap time.

She’s been responding to the phrase, “the rule is….”, because obviously, if I’ve consulted “the rules” it mus be true!

We’ve been to the library, the park and the pool with great success. I’m glad we are having a really good week, so that when things go a little crazy in the coming weeks, I can look back on this one and smile.

A Cat
She’s befriended a stray cat. Befriended to the point that a)she thinks it’s our cat, b) she apologizes to the cat that it can’t come inside and c), I googled and came up with this page.

Which is nuts. Because a)I’m allergic to cats b)she’s allergic to cats and c)she’ll be getting a new, similiar sized playmate next week. But man, are they cute together. It’s got a collar but no tag, no front claws and is incredibly social. The neighbor down the street is putting out food. Today at noontime I put out a dish of water.

What I should do is place a “found ad” in the paper. I know if we make room for it in our garage, MAM will tire of it quickly. Then I’ll be left with a cat that no one wants or should really even be touching (save BgK, who grew up as “an animal person”,if you know what I mean). And if I let a small animal into our garage, it’s only a matter of time before a small animal starts living inside our home. And that can’t happen. Any ideas???
**Updated to add: a neighbor did place a “found” ad in the local paper. Hopefully someone will come get their sweet kitty!**

Some Lettuce
In other, totally unrelated to our feline dilemma, MAM ate some lettuce today. Which probably isn’t a big deal if you’re a “vegetable person”. But since I’m not, this tickled me to no end at lunch time today. I was eating my field greens, and at some point, she started feeding me. Then she took a bite for herself. And I will tell you, that in 5 minutes she consumed more lettuce than I did in the whole of my childhood. My parents still have the letter I sent home from camp when I was working as a counselor one summer (when I was seventeen) announcing that I had finally eaten a salad and survived (the food was particularly bad that week-it was really a matter of survival). Anyway, the girl eats lettuce. I’m thrilled.

6 Replies to “A Routine, a Cat and Some Lettuce”

  1. That photo is priceless. And if it has a collar, it probably isn’t stray. It’s probably just really friendly. My cats don’t wear collars, but they will happily cry at anyone who thinks they are stray and feeds them. And then they promptly return home.

  2. I’m going to start using your “The rule is..” phrase…. I think that might work over here as well!

    THey always want what they can’t have….

    Glad that lettuce is not an enemy right now! In your limited food choice world, anything new and safe is a positive!

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