In one day, MAM will be done at the daycare where she’s been for two years.

In two days, we’re packing up and heading to Orlando.

In seven days, BgK and I are going to Manhattan for the dance contest. Turns out, he’s going to be on Regis and Kelly on Friday, and the CBS morning news on Saturday morning. Big fun!

In twenty days, McBaby will arrive.

And that’s just the first month of summer.

7 Replies to “Countdowns”

  1. I loved your post!

    How fantastic that your hubby is to be on tv and how even more excellent about your pending adoption.

    I left your post smiling – thank you!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming adoption (as well as your first) and the dance contest media frenzy. How fun for all of you. Have a great time in NYC. I’ve never been and agree I’d rather do a Broadway show than a movie.

    Here from NCLM.

  3. What an exciting start to Summer 2008!

    I like your “About Me” – I have already forgotten what non-blogging people do!

  4. NO WAY – he’s going to be on TV!!! We’ll have to tune in… Love it.

    I still can’t figure out how you’re keeping it all together and relatively low on the stress meter. Another one of the things I admire about you, my friend!

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