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Being part of NaComLeaMo is a little like trying to enter all of the giveaways when it’s Bloggy Giveaways carnival time. All waking computer time is spent working off a master list, trying to get to as many blogs as possible. Add to that the fact that people are coming over to comment on my blog, and then I feel like I should post something interesting. Or at least something better than a post about blogging.

Do you want to hear more about the dance contest?? Turns out, we will be getting to stay in NYC for two nights, near Times Square. We’re near Times Square because it’s only 1.5 miles from where the Regis and Kelly studio is!! I feel like we will be walking onto the set of Sex and the City. But as much as I want to see the movie, I don’t want to waste two hours in Manhattan watching a movie. I’m thinking more along the lines of a Broadway show. I’m assuming we’ll have from afternoon Friday until sometime on Saturday to do things.

What would you do if you were in Manhattan for a 48 hour vacation??

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  1. Wow. I have no idea, since I’m a boring, untraveling, greying woman. I’m sure someone else will have great ideas…just for fun, you can mentally add the words “in bed” after each of their suggestions. Could be good for some giggles 🙂

  2. Make sure you take a carriage ride in Central Park-near sunset if you aren’t afraid to be leaving when it’s dark. 😉

    We also really enjoyed the “guess how much this costs” game on 5th Avenue. I didn’t buy a thing, but it was an entertaining window shopping experience.

    Also, sit down at a Starbucks in the middle of New York City. You will never be among so much “melting pot” at once. I am 90% sure we were the only English-speaking customers in the packed house. Fascinating!

  3. I’d definitely see a Broadway show and make a trip to Zabar’s. I love that place. It’s on Broadway in the Upper West Side. I think it’s near 85th Street?

    Times Square is a blast to wander through and people watch. You can also easily walk to one of the “famous” delis. Split a sandwich, and you’ll still have a ton leftover. Don’t forget the matzho ball soup.

    If you’re there Sunday afternoon, there are always some great flea markets in the schoolyards. I’d wander through some of those, too.

  4. WOW! Everything. I would take in every site the time would allow and yes, i too would try to go to a broadway show. How fun would that be??

    Have fun!

  5. That’s my home town and so my visits are usually filled with walking (through Central Park, the upper Westside, the West Village, SoHo etc) and eating (John’s Pizza, real bagels, any restaurant in Chinatown) all the things I can’t get outside of NY.

    Have a great time!

  6. Definitely go see a show… you can get discount tickets at the TKTS booth right in the middle of Time Square. *Shameless plug, since I work there* … Go to Tiffany’s (and all the other fancy stores) on 5th Ave. There is nothing like walking around Tiffany’s on 5th Ave. Eat a danish outside the front window. BE Audrey Hepburn. Enjoy!

    (Here from NCLM)

  7. Oooohhhh good question! There is so much to do!

    I would definitely see a show, try to get in some shopping (even if it’s just fantasy shopping), and you have to eat some pizza!

    Have fun!!!

  8. In the words of Raymond’s dad, “HOLY cRAP”! How did i miss the part about the trip to NYC??????

    This is wild! We’ll just see you some time in July….. Probably once things are more hectic, but you’re guaranteed a few short weeks at home doing much of nothing but beautiful bonding!

  9. I would people watch, ask a local where a good place to eat would be and just walk around. Thank you for your comment. The Bosstones were really great with people singing with them. I had help getting up on stage and there I was with Dicky!!

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