Daddy Dances for Money

So it’s Race Weekend here in the Circle City. Yesterday, BgK went to the track with colleagues and mostly hung out watching it rain. He happened by the Hallmark “Move Dad” dance contest, and was persuaded to enter. He got a free hat for dancing.

This afternoon, he got a phone call inviting him down to the track again to dance in the finals–they picked the 10 best from yesterday and staged a big contest.

BgK WON FIRST PLACE. If you look closely, the check is for $1000!!! He won $1000 for dancing for 60 seconds to “You Can’t Touch This”. I kid you not. I’m pretty sure it was his cartwheel that sealed the deal.

Think your hubby has what it takes?? He can enter online–if he wins, you’ll enjoy $1000 and maybe we’ll meet in NYC.

NYC? Yes, NYC. We are going to NYC for the Grand Prize Dance Contest. How crazy is that?

I’ll tell you how crazy. It’s so crazy that the trip will actually be during our trip to Orlando next month. We’ll fly out of Orlando to NYC and return to Orlando to then fly home.

The man in the picture next to the famed dancer is Cameron Mathison, of Dancing with the Stars fame. He was really nice (and really pretty).

7 Replies to “Daddy Dances for Money”

  1. Thats is freakin fantastic!! Congrats Daddy-O!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – this NaComLeavMo is a great idea for a blog stalker like myself.

    I really identify with your “about me” section. Coffee drinking working mom who should definitely spend more time doing what I am getting paid for then being on the internet – but they haven’t figured me out yet so – sshhhhhhh …

    As for the husband and his snoring, earplugs are not a bad idea but I was thinking more like tampons to plug his nose with – unused of course (ewwww).

    I’ll be keeping an eye on y’all (heehee)

  2. Hi, I’m over from NCLM

    That is so awesome, it’s CRAZY AWESOME! Yes, I think the cartwheel is definitely what sealed the deal!

  3. Just returning the visit from NCLM.

    So, do you have to deposit that big check at the teller since it won’t fit in the atm machine envelopes???

    (no really, I’ve always wondered..)

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