Do you love it??

If you are reading this in a reader, click through to see my new digs!!! My little corner of the internet has been forever improved and embellished by the Be Girls–also known as my fantabulous sister-in-law, Beth and her partner in design, Christy.

Have you checked out Be Design? The Be Girls will work with your likes, your dislikes, your personality and and personal style and create a look just for you. Go check it out!

4 Replies to “Do you love it??”

  1. I loooooove it. I knew Beth was doing that, but have wavered as to whether I should do it or not because of my account being on blogger. (I dunno I am still sor of a novice at this design thing.) Hmmmm….It looks well worth the moolah!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I’m still in the “honeymoon” phase trying to get my blog set up the way I want it.

    Your SIL did a good job on your bloggy makeover. I’ve lurked on other pages she’s done, and everyone seems thrilled with her work.

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