I just had to share that I won my first ebay auction tonight!! Have I been living in a cave, you ask? No, I’ve just been blessed with hand me downs and clearance sales and haven’t really felt the need for EBay. Til now. ‘Cause my “items needed” list is a mile long, and my time is very short.

So I’ve started bidding on a few things, and sadly, have been out bid on every.single. one. Til tonight.

Tonight I won the comforter and sheets in the photo. Probably we won’t be putting up a picket fence or hanging birdhouses in MAM’s room, but it’s a cute motif, no??
Furniture has been ordered, her mattress delivered, and now the bedding is secured. We’ve also got furniture for McBaby on loan from friends lined up. Suite deMunchkins is shaping up nicely.

What’s been your favorite EBay purchase of late???

3 Replies to “Score!”

  1. SO cute!

    Me? Haven’t ever bid on a thing… But I did get Hubby to find much of our Babar deco for AP’s nursery from eBay way back when….

  2. That is SO cute:) Congrats on your win! My mom bid on 10 old fashioned see and says because she said the new ones aren’t as good as the ones we had when we were kids. She only hoped to win one, but she won them ALL. So we now have ten of them for the kids to play with:)

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