It’s time for round 2!!!

A while back, I was listed as one of the 50 best adoption blogs over at A Child Chosen. In the comments, I made a little comment like, “hey, should I blog about adoption more often? maybe I’ll have to start”….

I guess today will be the official day that I will start doing just that. Because we are working on updating our home study for a second adoption. A second adoption? Really? Yes, really. And it’s not just any second adoption, the plan is that it will be the adoption of MAM’s soon-to-be-born bio sibling. Seriously. Could I make that up?!?!

New Baby (I’ll have to come up with a better nickname soon, I know) will be arriving the beginning of July, and in recent weeks, J’s been talking about placing the baby with us. We are thrilled, of course, at the proposition of adding to our family.

More on all of this as things develop.

Want to read another blog about the impending adoption of a sibling? Please check out Seriously? Over the past few months, Erin’s done an excellent job of posting about the entire process. The joy and excitement of adding to a family, the sorrow and the awkwardness that the gain is someone else’s very real and tangible loss.

6 Replies to “It’s time for round 2!!!”

  1. Of course I’m thrilled that this is all public knowledge now! Since we went through it all together the first time, I’m even more excited that here we are – almost 3 years later, going through it with you again!!!! If it hadn’t been for your first adoption and ours, I probably wouldn’t know you and be able to count you as a very important friend! Children are blessings in SO many ways! I’m always here to listen during the journey!

    Last time, we adopted 2 months after you – wish we’d be doing the same thing again this time around! I’d settle for within 12 months, but gee – we’d have to start that process first, right?

  2. Look what happens when I miss blogging for a few days! That is such fantastic and exciting news!! MAM will be a great big sis:)

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