Build-A-Bear Madness

We may have started a bad, bad, bad, thing. Yesterday we initiated MAM and Z to the wonders of Build-a-Bear. It wasn’t anything we planned, really, it just sort of happened. We needed to come up with something to do for Z’s birthday, and our spring like weather had flown, sooo….we took them to Build-a-Bear. It was really all very cute. A complete and total racket, but really cute.

And I will always remember it as the day the MAM actually named a stuffed animal. She and daddy made a very cute koala bear. She put a cute jean skirt and pink top on it, refused shoes (no! bear has paw prints!) and named it…..ALEX.

But really, her favorite part? The “present” box. She carried that thing throughout the entire mall.

We had a good visit with J and Z. We did Build-a-Bear, the mall playground, and then Burger King, where MAM and Z had the playland all to themselves. We had one tired monkey on our hands last night!

2 Replies to “Build-A-Bear Madness”

  1. Glad you guys had a great visit! That’s a good idea for one, that I’ll have to file away 🙂

    I do tend to avoid build-a-bear like the plague and have been successful so far…

  2. Ooh yay! Glad it went well. What a nice memory making time!

    Where did Alex come from? S omeone from school? Cousin? Too funny.

    My niece, O, names all her babies “A” names. Right now she has Aubrey, Audrey and Alvin (after Alvin from the Chipmunks)…

    Maybe M’s starting the same trend…

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