Seven MORE random things about me…

Kacie, over at Sense to Save has tagged me for the seven things meme. Have you checked out Sense to Save? It’s a nifty blog dedicated to living frugally and finding bargains. She also happens to have recently graduated from IU (a mere hour from where I live) and as I found out in reading her seven things meme, she’s 5’10”, just like me.

It’s been four months since I last posted my randomness… are seven more things:

1. As I just stated, I’m 5’10”. In junior high, I attempted to play basketball. I, of course, played center and forward, and shared these positions with another gal who is also 5’10”. The boys (who all were shorter than us at the time) called us the Twin Towers. In 1986, it was totally appropriate.
2. My freshman year of high school it didn’t even occur to me to try out for basketball. Instead, I joined Stage Crew and Drama Club. I loved every minute of it.
3. As a result, I was the Drama club’s candidate for the homecoming court. Completely not my personality, but secretly, it was a lot of fun.
4. I attended Marian College because I applied there and was accepted and awarded financial first–because they didn’t require an essay. After getting a good scholarship there, I didn’t feel the need to finish any of the other applications (i.e. write the essays).
5. I started college as a theatre major.
6. That lasted a semester. Then I switched to early childhood education.
7. I picked early childhood because there was no foreign language requirement.

So there you have it–seven things that all prove I am NOT an over achiever in any sense of the word.

I’m not tagging any one this time around–but if you’d like to do the seven random things, please leave a comment so I can check it out! Also, to make me feel better about under-achieving self, leave me a comment telling me about how you took the “easy way out” at some point in your life!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That’s great. I was int he Drama Club too. And I would never have guess Theatre Major, but it doesn’t really surprise me!

    I might have to do this one on my blog….

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