Easter in Review……

In MAM’s words:

“The Easter Rabbit at my house!”

“I want CANDY!!”


“CANDY is good!”

“Happy Easter!”

“The Rabbit put eggs in my house.”


“Grandma and grandpa and great-grandma at my house.”

“CANDY?” (are you noticing a theme?)

It took MAM about 3.5 seconds to figure out that the eggs that made noise when shaken were good (candy or money) and that the eggs that didn’t make noise were boring (stickers). The boring, silent eggs are still unopened, in a pile. The candy was gone before high noon and the her piggy bank is full. I think we’ll attempt talking about the Resurrection some other time–it’s hard to compete against quarters and jelly beans!

Dinner was tasty, the company was good, the house is still clean…does it get better than that?

3 Replies to “Easter in Review……”

  1. YAY Easter and family! Glad she had fun – the dress is ADORABLE! Hubby could NOT believe the pic we got in the mail the other day – he said she looks 2 YEARS older than AP, not 2 months! And I had to laugh, because I’d just said the same thing to you! ha ha.

    My favorite part after everyone left Easter Sunday? Within 2 hours, I’d revacuumed, washed and put away half the good dishes, and knew I was already WAY ahead on Monday morning chores, since I’d already tried to clean up for company!

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