It’s the Little Things

Thank you to everyone who’s commented and emailed in regards to my brother and sister-in-law’s loss, your thoughts and prayers mean the world to my family.

It is,of course, MAM who has brought light to these days, and the older she gets, the funnier she gets. Here is a sampling of what we’ve heard this week:

As I hand her a quarter, she inspects it and says, “Where’s the eagle, Mama?” (it was a state quarter. who knew that she knew there is an eagle on a regular quarter?)

As my phone starts to vibrate on the kitchen table, it makes sort of a familiar sound that MAM names–“It’s a gas phone, Mama!”

She’s taken to putting me to bed–she’ll throw a pillow on the floor and tell me it’s time to sleep–she then barks, “Stop running! Lay down! Close your eyes! Don’t get up!” while trying to cover the 5’10” me with her baby blanket. Hilarious, and I’m all for a game that involves me laying down and closing my eyes.

Tonight, as she sits in my lap and touches my face, “You got a beard, Mama?” (if it’s a question she has to ask, it’s probably time for a waxing or two)

Today it was warm enough for her to ride her trike (which she can now pedal like a champ) up and down the block–it was good to get outside and just breathe.

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  1. I’m with ya – it’s 70 degrees here today, and all I want to do is stand outside and breathe.

    And I love the laying down game:)

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