Let the Sunshine In

So Julie at …and the rest is history is having a contest–a contest for people to post about how you deal with the gloomies. About how, exactly,your inner sunshine comes out when winter seems to never end.

I would have to say that my sunshine comes in the form of my friends. I find I get the most cranky when I’ve had a hectic week and haven’t had time to actually interact with the people I like the most in this world. And as much as I love the internet, an email just doesn’t cut it. I don’t feel as good after reading or sending an email as I do after a phone conversation or a lunch with a friend.

At this point in my life, it takes extra effort, but it is so worth it to find the time for girlfriends. I make phone calls during my 10 minute commute. I try to meet friends for coffee if I’m out in the evenings. I make lunch dates on my days off with my SAHM friends. And I find, when I do this, my sun just shines like it’s the middle of June, even if it’s 5 below outside!

Go check out the details at …and the rest is history and share how you spread your sunshine! You could win an Amazon gift certificate!

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  1. I’m there with you–I just wish there was more time to get it all done now that we all have our own babies and freetime is an almost impossible idea 🙂

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