The first weigh in of the new year

Oh my. It looks like I’ll have plenty to do this year–like lose those pesky pounds AGAIN.

Today’s weight is 178lbs. Which is definitely up from before Christmas, but actually down from the disaster that was last week’s eating (cookies!candy!fudge!eggnog! oh my!).

I’m glad this part of Look Great in 2008 Challenge has been extended–I definitely looked better in August of 2007 than I do now!

4 Replies to “The first weigh in of the new year”

  1. I’m glad they extended it too. The scale was not my friend this morning-but I knew it would be ugly. I am back on track though-hope you are too! Good luck!

  2. It’s interesting the way the holiday cheer is usually spread around with food and drink – just in time for New Year’s Resolutions!

    Mine this year better be getting back to some sort (ANY sort) of exercise regimen!

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