What is it with the .6???

Why must my weight end in a .6?? Three weeks ago it was 173.6. Two weeks ago it was 175.6. Today it’s 176.6. I know you see the .6 trend–never mind the actual gainage of poundage.

But honestly, I’m not too worried. This seems to be my “maintaining range”. And if I’m not going to add in regular exercise, I don’t know that it will go much lower.

So this week’s goal: USE MY EXERCISE BALL AND DVD at least TWICE.

It’s here in writing folks, so you know it must be true. That is my goal. It’s taken me a long time to type it for that exact reason.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

6 Replies to “What is it with the .6???”

  1. I don’t have a scale that measures in ounces. I guess that makes me feel a little better. I hope that you are able to get that exercise in. I always feel sluggish until I do. That reminds me to get moving and do my walk.

  2. Goals are always a good thing, but declaring them to the world is definitely scary. Like my “3-pound challenge” from last week… BIG MISTAKE. Well, I did get my 3 pounds, just in the wrong direction. Well, I guess I’ll be dusting myself off and hopping back on the wagon YET AGAIN.

  3. Oh man! I’m with valleygirl hoping to hop back on the wagon. I’m telling you, the holidays really throw me for an exercise loop!
    You’re doing so well! 🙂

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