Giveaways Galore

Who doesn’t love a giveaway??? And not only a giveaway, but the comments section where you get to say why you want to win.

And when you host a giveaway, isn’t picking the winner the most fun??

Enter online game show. is a sweepstakes site where you can enter contests to your heart’s content. Every time you enter a contest, you get to post why you should be the winner. If you are selected as a semifinalist, then the whogets community votes to pick the final winner.

Sort of like Survivor meets Publisher’s Clearinghouse meets the Internet. How much more fun does it get? Registering is easy, there’s no SPAM involved, and well, it’s rather addicting.

I’ve already entered contests where I could use the prizes as Christmas gifts, DVD’s we’d like to own, gift certificates to give as birthday gifts……the possibilities are endless!

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