Our fish has gone on to a better place

Our fish has gone on to a better place
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In a different lifetime, I once lived with a vet. And her 3 dogs, up to 12 cats, a gimpy hedgehog, a dove, a beta fish, a few tree frogs, an iguana, a turtle, and a few other critters I’m sure I’ve blocked out of my memory.

The day after I moved out, I took on the screen name petfree1, for obvious reasons. I’ve remained that way for the past 10 years, give or take the occasional beta fish.

Our most recent beta, Red, bit the dust over night. We knew it was coming.

BgK posted this photo on his flickr page….then realized the Cusiniart was behind the bowl. Purely a coincidence, I assure you.


4 Replies to “Our fish has gone on to a better place”

  1. I was wondering about that photo and the intent….. Hmmmm.

    Sorry about your loss. May he rest in peace. In that great, big sewer system in the city.

    Sort of makes you think of Nemo, eh?

  2. I was hoping the Beta didn’t bite it via the Cuisinart.

    I’m sorry for your loss and I do understand the pet free thing…I’m no longer pet free and happy to have two wonderful dogs. I think when the time is right, the right pet finds you.

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