Happy Early Birthday!

Here is just one of what will be many pictures posted on this blog from yesterday, MAM’s early 2nd Birthday Ducky Luau. It was a fabulous time, and she was soooo into the “Happy Birthday to MAM” part of it all–completely adorable.

The weather was perfect, the food turned out well, the cake was gorgeous and delicious (if I do say so myself). The company was grand, the neices and nephews darling as always, and not a single umbrella on the cake caught fire (not even the green one behind the #2 candle).

There will be more pictures soon. Oh there will be more pictures.

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2 Replies to “Happy Early Birthday!”


    Too cute! Too much fun! YAY Happy Birthday Baby M!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe two is here already…. (And we are SO behind getting together!)

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