OBX 2007

After 10 days and 2000 miles, we’re back home again in Indiana.

The Kahuna family and extended clan spent last week in Salvo, NC, a lovely little hamlet nestled in the middled of Cape Hatteras National seashore. To say that our vacation was fantastic would be an understatement. I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll start with our 3 story, 8 bedroom beach house with pool, hot tub and every ammenity you might need. We were sharing the house with my extended family–a total of 16 people. Guess what? Everyone was still speaking when we were all packing up to go. Impressive, no?

Wednesday we went over to Roanoke Island (of lost colony fame) and visited an aquarium. SO. MUCH. FUN. So many fish. Including one called the “slippery dick”. That one made me (and my SIL) giggle.

Besides the aquarium, we didn’t really “do” any other big attractions. Mostly we swam in the pool, sat on assorted decks and drank wine. There were board games every night, once the Monkey fell asleep. The falling asleep was tough, but once she got there she stayed asleep, bless her heart.

Behind me, the Monkey and Ariel you can see the sound (and our neighbor’s pool). Across the water is the mainland of North Carolina, though you’d never know it. I don’t know how wide the sound was where we were, but there really was no sign of land on the other side. Our neighborhood was sound-side. Across Hwy 12 was the ocean. It was less than a 15 minute walk away.
Lighthouses speckled the whole string of islands–the waters are notoriously treacherous. Each one is painted a slightly different pattern. This the Bodie Island lighthouse, and it’s still in operation today.

There may be more vacation posting as the week goes on, but at least now you have picture proof I really was at the seashore!

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  1. That looks so nice and sounds fun and relaxing (somehow – even with kids!)….

    And Miss M’s beautiful, beach-waved tresses! Sigh. She’s such a big princess…

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