Tee hee hee

The chiropractor called me “toned” today and asked if I was working out. My posture is better than it has been since my first appt in November (when I couldn’t stand up with weight on both my feet for more than about 2 minutes). When I told him that I was doing Pilates, he said, wow, that’s all your doing? You’re really toning up. I then mentioned that we were also walking a ton, and of course, chasing after the monkey. He told me to keep it up–that my muscles are starting to do their jobs better than they have been.

So now I don’t see him again for another month–can you imagine how wow’d he’ll be then?!?!

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  1. I’m telling you, everyone needs to be on the TOddlercize Program!

    Seriously – isn’t it great to know all this hard work is paying off? And getting into shape is helping your body stay in shape (with less pain!!)?

    Toned is a WONDERFUL word. I don’t like when people say how skinny or thin someone looks when commenting to them – to me, it sounds like they assume everyone is always trying to get to model-thin proportions. To me, the highest compliments would be when someone mentions how toned or in shape you’re looking these days!!!

    For someone who has been seeing you a while and knows muscles and body types – WOW. I hope you blushed furiously and rushed home to tell all your friends about that great compliment!!!

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