Warm-Fuzzy Adoption Moment

While sitting the courtroom, talking to my friend’s dad, I said, “You know the last time I was in a courtroom was for the Babe’s adoption. That was a much happier occassion.”

His reply, “You know, I think that had to be one of the best days of my life–when we took the girls to court and the judge asked if they wanted to live with me full time and for me to be their Dad–and they said yes!”

Why was I discussing adoption with my friend’s Dad on a Monday afternooon in small claims court??

The background to this lovely ancedote on adoption: I am an agent for my friend’s parents who own a house which they rent out just north of where I live. We were in court on Monday because the tenants haven’t paid rent since JANUARY. They are basically squatting in the house, refusing to acknowledge that they’ve been asked to leave and that an eviction has been filed with the court, etc. So Monday I met Bob in court in case the tenants showed up (they didn’t) and claim they never got the first notice (which I delivered to them). The judge ruled in Bob’s favor (obviously) and the sheriff will remove said squatters on Monday if they don’t vacate the premise first. I get to drive by on Tuesday and make sure they are really gone.

Our warm-fuzzy adoption moment?? Bob married my friend’s mom when my friend was about 5, I think. So after awhile, Bob went ahead and formally adopted my friend and her younger sister. And he’s been their Dad in every sense of the word since!

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