36 hours of silence…..

on my cell phone. BgKahuna has gone to a Church retreat. (sorry, for those of you who know him, I should have warned you before you snorted your beverage through your nose while reading that!) It’s one of those where you surrender your whole self–including watch and cellphone, pager, crackberry…whatever you are usually tied to in your everyday life. So BgK left, with most electronica at the house, and just a few gadgets with him to get him down to Church. He signed off at about 8:25am this morning. Know what? I miss the chatter.

We text each other alot during the day–I didn’t realize how much until today, when I realized anything I typed wouldn’t be seen til tomorrow. While I shake my head in frustration when I get the “multimedia message box full” warning every other day–turns out, I like the crazy photos he sends me……

Today’s been a day of reflection for me too

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