Bloggy botox and BFF

It’s ok….you can tell me you’ve noticed….this blog has had some Botox. (blog-tox?) Anyway, I’ve had header envy for a long time, and when Susie of Bluebird blogs was offerring a portion of her proceeds to help a fellow blogger Kelli out, I thought it was divine intervention telling me to indulge–it wasn’t about me, it was about helping Kelli! (how’s that for logic?)

So here I am, with a spiffy new look.

That said, I am going to bed. We are still sort of recovering from yesterday’s birthday marathon. The Babe ended up sleeping through the night from when we put her down at around 4:30. No, I’m not exaggerating. She slept from 4:30pm until almost 6am this morning!! She awoke a new girl. Then after Mass, she took another 3 hour nap.

Since she was so full of energy, we took her to my friend’s dad’s house (where they are staying) and we had another play date–this time “only” 6 of the 7 kids who were with us yesterday. Four of whom are between 20-24 months old!!! BIG FUN. (we have 1, Angie has 2, her bro has 3)

You know those friends you just want to be in the same room with? It doesn’t matter how much you see them or how often you email or call…when you are together all is right with the world? Well, Angie is definitely one of those people for me. So after making a kick-ass dinner, we sat on the screen porch and watched our kids play together. They got along beautifully and had Her girlie and my girlie took turns playing with the baby’s pumpkin seat–each one sitting for a spell while the other one rocked. They sat on the steps together after we told them they couldn’t scale the stairway gate. So stinking cute, I could have gobbled them both up!

And of course, in my mind, I’m imagining that they too will room together in college, and be the kind of friends who can just be in a room together and just be.

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  1. HOW BEAUTIFUL! I love it! makes me want coffee!

    I can’t believe M slept so long. WOW!! You are so brave putting her to bed so early, good thing you did!

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