Birthday party marathon

Today we had invitations to THREE birthday parties!! Three parties of people we love dearly, people whose children we lovely dearly, parties we didn’t want to miss. But how do you attend parties at 10:30 am downtown, 2:30pm on the southside and 4:30pm on the far northside? You don’t. You just do as much as you can until the wee-one tuckers out.

We started our day at the Children’s Museum, celebrating my college roommate’s twins 2nd birthday**. Seven kids, 6 adults caravaning around a crowded museum. Overwhelming, but fun. M’s favorite part, every visit, is the sand table in the Playscape area. Guess what we’re getting when the snow finally stops??

She lasted longer there than I imagined, and we then hit the road to head south for Z’s birthday. Z is Monkey’s 1/2 bio brother, and he turned 5 this week. J’s not been feeling well, so rather than do a huge party, she just had a few people over to her place for cake. We last saw J and Z in January for a belated Christmas visit, and we saw Monkey’s bio grams last spring. Again, much like last year’s party, it really was all about Z (which is the point) and we were like any other guests. Monkey was tired, and not all that sociable, but she did just fine.

I had no grand hopes of actually making it to our last party of the day anywhere near on time–but it was a hope that maybe we’d make it for a short bit after a nap of some sort. Monkey fell asleep in the car on the way home, and transferred easily–three hours later she’s still sound asleep, as is Daddy. I took a short nap and then called with our regrets–a birthday trifecta was not in the cards today. But hey, we got chocolate cake at party 1 and yellow cake at party 2… it was a pretty successful day after all!

**to be honest, we started our day at Walgreen’s, picking up pictures to distribute and buying wrapping paper for the gifts I would then wrap on my lap in the car…..**

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