Where have I been???

Let me tell ya:

Seriously, how has a week gone by? Let me count the ways…..ways # 1, 2, 3 are of course work, the chiro, and Meijer. But there are other things.

Tuesday night I had a meeting for the fundraiser I’m doing for my school–yes, the same school that makes me clean the damn toilets. I can’t help myself. Somehow, I think that if I bust my butt, someday it’ll get better. I don’t know if it will, but I have to try. So I’m the “staff liason”, which translates into “person who does too much” in plain English. But I’m doing too much with one of my best friends, so it’s not all bad.

Wednesday night I had a girls night at my house, which was lovely. Wine, salad, chit chat. Ahhh. I liked Wednesday.

Thursday night, I got a call from the mafia dentist. The mafia dentist? Yes, the mafia dentist. The one who prefers to be paid in cash, and gives steep discounts for cash. Not being able to pass up a “deal”, I had to race to the bank after recieving a phone call just before 5pm that we had a monster copay for L’s dental work the next day. Monster, as in more than a house payment. Ok. Not to panic. We bank at the grocery store, so they were open til 6pm. After checking all accounts, I was able to figure it out. And get a huge wad of cash out of the bank. So freaking weird.

Friday night we journeyed to NW Indiana for a belated Christmas. SO much fun. My mom still had the house decorated, which was sweet–M had so much fun! Saturday we had a great family day, and had a great time with my brother and his family, grandma, and other brother. The “cousins” trio played SO well together. It was fun!

Sunday we drove through the lake effect snow storm of the season and visited the other side of the family–again, so much fun and so nice to see everyone. Since we sort of skipped Christmas this year, it had been 2 whole months which is sort of unusual.

*Today* I went to work for a little bit, then took off with an adoptive mama friend and we went to lobby at the statehouse. There’s a bill before the senate about regulating adoption facilitators, and we went down to the capitol to show our support. It was really neat to see how it all worked–I actually talked to some of the people that were all over TV commercials this fall. AND I made a new adoptive mama friend–someone who’s done a semi-open domestic adoption and an international adoption, whose children are school aged now. After our political hobknobbing, we got some coffe to go at Nordstrom’s, and then it was off to the chiro for me.

Phew. No wonder I’m wiped.

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