Party Time!

I could post all about M’s 1st birthday party, which ROCKED, or you could just watch the little flash show up top by her ticker. To summarize: The party was great!! We were surrounded by family and friends, all of the kiddos (10 kids, ranging from 1 month to almost 4yrs old) did really well, it was hot but bearable and M loved every minute of it!!

The caterpillar, butterfly and dirt cakes all turned out great, M kind of got into opening her presents, she loved the party hats and noisemakers, and seemed to really enjoy her day. The party lasted from 3:30pm-8:30pm, and she was a trooper!! She slept OK, but got up early this morning, but is now making up for it–she took a 3.5hr nap in the AM, and is into hour 2 of an afternoon nap. She’ll be back on track in no time, I’m sure!

Enjoy the little flash show, and there may be more pictures later.

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