I love Fridays. Especially when you know you are going to have a good weekend catching up with friends. Especially when one friend says, “I’m going to buy more limeade so that we can hopefully use up more tequila.” I LOVE friends like that!

News on the Monkey front: Now that she’s changed rooms (almost officially) her daily report is a little bit different. The report talks more about her activities (which now consist of art, table toys, homeliving, etc) and less about her diapers. Seriously, the “diaper” area of the report is SO much smaller than the previous form. It’s kind of funny.

Fun things she is doing–hiding things in cabinets and drawers. I opened the bottom drawer in the kitchen last night to find her beloved Bunny and a telephone. Who knew? She also is LOVING playing with my make up brush and wearing some of my less-of-a-choking-hazard necklaces. Who knew she would play dress up so soon?!?!?

One more random note–our dryer vent has been clogged for a over week, and once the guy finally climbed onto the roof to clear the screen (this service is part of our HOA fee), I realized I was OUT of detergent. So I seriously haven’t done Monkey laundry in close to 3 weeks. Her drawers still appear full. Like the missing clothes haven’t made a dent AT ALL. Hmmm…..clothes horse anyone?? And at this point in time, is it really reflecting on her, or is it more so on me?!??!

Oh, and her ticker is REALLY freaking me out!!

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