What I did on my summer vacation, by M.A.M, age 11 months

Ok, so I’m finally home from my crazy road-trip vacation with Mommy and Daddy!!

We spent most of our time at Grandma and Grandpa’s, which was a lot of fun. They have a nice set of stairs to climb up and down, and SO MANY cabinets to open!! And they ALL open!! I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with the cabinets.

I had a fun time with my friend Neysa, and the two of us had SO MUCH FUN at Aunt Beth’s and Uncle Brian’s. My cousins, Anna and Noah, have a very fun backyard. It was so much fun that Mom and I went back to play later in the week.

I had a fun time singing with Great Grandma, she’s so funny. She has nice dollys at her house, I liked them so much I walked 10-15 steps to get them. All of her neighbors liked visiting with me, and eating lunch in the dining room was so much fun! I played peek-a-boo with the table cloth, and all the servers thought I was sooo funny.

On Thursday Mom decided that we needed to go see friends in Michigan, so I got to meet her friends Amy and Mark, and visit with my friends Catherine and Elizabeth while mommy visited with Miss Jennifer. What was the best was that Catherine and Elizabeth have dog!! Tuesday is so friendly and cuddly and I love her!! I like to play with her tail, pet her, hug her and chase her. I got up early Friday morning to play with her, but after we played for a few minutes she wanted to go outside.

I also got to visit most of my cousins, including Jimmy, who’s only a few days old! Mom says that I used to be that little, but I don’t believe her. He couldn’t even play with his toys or even roll over! I hope he grows up fast so we can play together!

Ok, I’m off to take a nap now–we got home very late last night and I need to rest–tomorrow I’m going back to Rainbow. I can’t wait to tell Ms. L all about my trip!

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  1. Neysa wanted me to relay that she had a blast too! She misses little miss Megan and Michelle. Maybe we’ll all get to see you again this coming weekend….

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