F-ing WEIRD!

I bet this sh*t doesn’t happen at Typepad or where all the other rich bloggers hang out. As many of you know because you let me know, this blog was MIA for days. THANK YOU for asking me about it!

Anyway, tonight I decided to write a new post to see if that would do the trick, and it appears to be doing just that. How bizarre.

So…..news of note?

I’m on vacation this week at a lovely little lake town in NW Indiana–OK, it’s home to the State Penn, but don’t let that ruin the imagery. I’m having fun giving grandma lots of grandma time, which is good for all involved. Unfortunately, Baby Girl is teething like a fiend and really wanting MOM 24/7. I don’t really mind, I just wish I could make her feel better.

I got to see the younger of my two brothers do manual labor today, that was amusing. He’s earning some tax free $$ by repainting part of the estate. He needs it for his whopper of an electric bill and other things since he’s currently, as they say, “between jobs'”. Anyway, watching him work was fun.

We did see most of the cousins this weekend, which was a ball–Baby Girl is getting old enough to be engaged in things with the other kids, and she loves all of them!

OK, let’s see if GOTCHA BABY is back up to stay!

2 Replies to “F-ing WEIRD!”

  1. THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE BACK! I’ve decided I really MUST have my updates on the monkey!!! Thank goodness I was able to check out photos (always TOO adorable).

    I was thrilled to read about the words. It will be a fight for talk time in that household.

    I hope you are enjoying your time up north! I’ll email you when I get a chance. Work is a BEAR right now….

  2. OMG, so funny you being amused at the younger brother doing manual labor! I am amused at the thought! We LOVED seeing you and the baby and wish we could see more of you! We are getting our party hats on for little Miss M’s first birthday party!

    WELCOME BACK TO BLOGGER LAND! You were missed!

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