Toys I’d Like to Market

Like most babies, the Babe has more toys than she could possibly explore in one lifetime. I try to rotate through the cache, and lately she’s been really excited by her Fisher Price piano, Fisher Price Learning Pots and Pans and a few other things. But she’s also been really interested in EVERYTHING we use on a daily basis–cellphone chargers, powercords, sunglasses, cell phones, so on and so forth. It seems that she’s really drawn to black plastic.

So yesterday afternoon I tidied up her toys, and gathered all of the black techno items and placed them in a basket.

the “baby” toys

the “big people” toys

I put her in the middle of the room, and what do you think she went for? The unattractive black basket filled with every day stuff.

So I think we are going to stop going to the toy store and start going to Goodwill. There, we will purchase broken appliances and gadgets, and she will be in 7th heaven.

Seriously, whoever thinks that babies are drawn to bright colors is obviously wrong. I think a line of industro-techno black plastic toys (no sharp edges, no cords long enough to strangle) would do quite well. Of course, if they were 100% safe, I guess that would take the fun out of them!

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  1. Cute- very cute—proves the old story about the baby playing with the wraping paper or the box before the present inside. These things are more what you play with – maybe that’s the attraction – these babies are smart!

  2. Mitch, I see that you stop by and visit my adoption blog from time to time. I try to get here to Gotcha Baby and do the same, but, this is the first time I’m leaving a comment (I think). This is the cutest post. If you ever follow my blogging over at then you know I’m always on a rant about parents being the experts on their children. Once again you prove my point. Children’s toys is a bazillion dollard a year industry. Crazy. When every parent in the world KNOWS that kids play for hours with cardboard boxes!!!

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