Drive Up, Drive On

Until recently, I didn’t get the whole “drive up window” concept. Sure it was nice when it was raining, but that’s just because I was lazy. Now, however, I have a whole new appreciation for businesses who know the value of the drive up window: moms with small children will flock to you in droves.

More than likely invented by a mom with 2-3 children under the age of 5, I’ve been amazed at what I can do if I only plan my day right. Here are the drive up’s that I currently frequent:

1) Drive up pharmacy
2) Drive up Dry Cleaners
3) Drive up banking
4) Drive up library drop-off. I actually go to a branch across town for this specific feature.
5) Drive up water service (the nice boys take out my 5 gal. empties and put the filled containers in my trunk!)

6 months ago I revelled in errand running as an opportunity to log steps on my pedometer. Ha. Now I just hope for a carseat nap and leave it at that.

Businesses I wish would jump on the drive up bandwagon:

1) The post-office (I need 16 2cent stamps, damnit!)
2) The grocery store. (how cool would it be to get your order thru a drive thru–already bagged and everything?!?)

Any other brilliant ideas out there, dear readers???

4 Replies to “Drive Up, Drive On”

  1. In our part of the country, we do have drive up groceries!! You do your ordering online, pay online, and tell them when you want to pick it up. Then you pull up, someone puts the groceries in your trunk, and you drive home – never leaving the car!!! I mean, you don’t get to pick your own apples, but hey – somedays I can live with that!

    Now – I need someone to come in and put them away!

  2. They have drive-up liquer stores….I know some moms who long to fo through that drive though…… kidding)

    I wish the drive through Walgreens Pharmacy would also let you buy things like gum, candy, female products, soap, etc….I love the drive through library idea – I already request on line.

  3. Comment from the rural area:
    You have to love drive -through feed stores! It takes a few minutes to lop 50 pound bags of horse feed, dog food, etc into the back of a car or truck. I don’t relish the thought of leaving our little cowboy alone while doing it. LOVE the drive throughs!

    I agree w/ the post office drive through, as hubby usually has his Mamaw down for a few mintutes a day when he needs to stop there or has to drive babe into town and wrestle w/ the carseat to mail things which cost extra postage or need priority service.

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