Just hanging around….

So baby Kahuna, aka the monkey, is almost 6 weeks old. Can’t hardly believe it. She’s given up the midnight bottle (still eating at 3am though), holding her head up better and seemingly becoming slightly more amused by life in general.

She had her hep. B shot last week at the doctor, and she weighed in at 10lbs, 61/2 ozs!! Oh so healthy. Still gassy, but you’ll have that.

It’s time to schedule our “post placement” visit with the social worker, so that she can see that we are functioning as a normal family. So there we go. Still waiting for the court date to be set (not up to 60 days, yet).

The other day L asked me if I thought about the fact that she was adopted–and I answered no–I just think of her as our daughter!!!

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