Saying Yes To…my morning routine

Depending on the day, morning can be the best or worst time of the day.

With school back in session, I often find myself wanting to spike my coffee after wrangling the children out of bed. and out the door Since that’s frowned up in carpool, I’m forced to cope in other ways. I’ve got three parts of my morning that are critical to my day’s success.


To start my day off right, I wake up first. It sort of kills me, but it’s key. I’ve learned that an extra half an hour in the morning makes everything go so much more smoothly.

Every morning, I Say Yes to… an extra hot shower. I clear out the bath toys, make sure I have a clean towel, and stay in there until I feel awake. The steamier the better. Some days it takes longer than others. I have my own stash of products kept out of the reach from the roommates who are still fascinated by bubbles and how gravity works.

Every morning, I employ my coffee maker. Because damn. Morning without coffee isn’t pretty.

I can adapt almost any other part of my routine, but those to three things have to happen if i want my day to be on track.

linqiaphotoLately, I’ve been using some yummy body washes in the shower that go a long way to waking me up and making my skin feel silky smooth. The new body wash collection from Yes To is the perfect way to start any day. The more I learn about the company, the more I like them. I mean, really- (from their website)

“Yes to is made up of fun-loving, wine-drinking, yoga-doing, active-life-living bunch of folks in San Francisco who a) create affordable natural products that really work b) give back by planting school gardens for kids to help teach them about healthy living and nutrition, and c) have a pretty awesome time doing it.” Yeah. We’d probably all be friends in real life.

Interested in trying out this new Yes To line? I can help you out with that! 

Visit the Yes to Body Wash page and pick two body washes you want to use in order to steam up your shower routine. Then enter the code Y2LINQ for your savings of buy one, get one 50% off. 

Disclosure: Thanks to Yes To for providing products and compensation for this post. All opinions on the morning are expressly my own.