Phew, Again…

I dont usually wear a hat in class, but that tray of shapes? Use it all the time!
I don't usually wear a hat in class, but that tray of shapes? Use it all the time!

So three years ago I wrote Slowly Exhaling, where I summarized, without too much detail about the accreditation process/ evaluation my school goes through every three years. Three years, two kids and one minivan later, it was that time again this week.

Once again, I volunteered to go first, so my room was observed today and I had my consultation this afternoon. Our conversation was considerably shorter than last time–about 20 minutes total. Anyhoo, all is good. I got compliments up one side and down the other, and good advice/constructive suggestions that I can use. I must be getting soft hearted in my old age, because she told me I was too nice/ not strict enough, which made me laugh. I stop smiling tomorrow (an old teaching adage is not to let them see you smile til Christmas).

The nicest thing about today is that our evaluator gave a parent talk tonight. She sang our accolades to the parent body, which she didn’t have to do, but she did. She also recommended a website called Kids Talk News and I have to say, it is fabulous. Want to know more about the Montessori way of looking at the world? Go on and click through.

Next time our school goes through this process, I’ll be in the midst of my 16th yr of teaching and mom to a 2nd grader and a pre-K student.

Does time fly by this fast for you???

ICLW: August

Is is really August already? I rejoined the ICLW club this summer, and can’t believe that this is the third one I’ve done!

Last month I wrote the ABC’s of Me as an introduction. You can read it and find out what size shoe I wear.

This month, well, this past week, anyway, mostly has been spent getting back into the swing of the school year. Classes start Monday, and this past week I’ve been setting up my classroom, trying to get the kids out the door on time as practice, and refreshing my memory on such skills as packing lunches, daycare bags and setting alarm clocks.

Also? I’ve been watching as my 14 month old son cuts FOUR GIANT TEETH at one time.

Thanks for visiting and any teething tips are greatly appreciated!! (we use Motrin, Tylenol, Hyland’s teething tablets, and are looking for more creative helpers!)

An Inch Away from a Throwdown at Staples

Back to school means back to school supplies. Back to school supplies for students…..and teachers. I accepted this early on as part of my job–especially working in the private school sector. There are things I purchase with my own money for my classroom. Theoretically, that means if I choose to leave a classroom, I would take my personally purchased supplies with me. I don’t know what I would do with a bulletin board border or a pocket calendar at my house, but I’m sure MAM could come up with something.

ANYWAY. Today was a bit of a cluster at Staples. I ran in with the kids in tow to get supplies from MAM’s list, and some things I knew I needed for my room. At the register, our school’s tax exempt number wasn’t popping up. At 7% sales tax, I wasn’t about to make the purchase without that exemption, so I bought $22 worth of our personal supplies, and got on the phone with the school office.

After a little sluething, our rock star office manager had it set up for me to go back and by my goods. I dropped MAM off at her “bounce camp” activity, and took Jr. back to Staples with me. Of course, by this time he had fallen asleep, but no matter–I had everything behind the counter, and it would be quick.

Not quick enough to get me out of there without wanting to start spouting my State of Education Today speech while in line.

Parent 1: “Wow. That’s a lot of school supplies”

Parent 2: ” Yes–look at these list–this is first grade, this is third grade.”

Parent 1: “My first grader had a big list too–they actually had cleaning supplies on the supply list. I’m all like, Um, No. You can clean your own classroom.”

Um, sweetheart, your child’s teacher probably does to some extent. Does it kill you to send in some Clorox wipes to help the cause? She doesn’t put her hands her mouth, but your son probably does. I didn’t say that outloud. I shifted Jr’s weight to my other shoulder and walked up to the counter.

“Hi, I’m back. Did you get a phone call from my school? I’m glad my items are still right here!”

I bought a monster pencil sharpener, and the cashier told me about the replacement policy and I bought it as well, while saying, ” My students do sharpen a lot of pencils during the school year” as I was shifting poor Junior who was so desperately trying to stay asleep. The cashier then rang up the bulletin board, paper sorter and other odds and ends.

I looked at Parent 1. She looked at me. I didn’t need to say anything more, as I stood there, a teacher. On my “summer off”. Balancing a napping child, signing a personal credit card slip for $144, and buying a monster pencil sharpener for my students. One that may very well have been purchased by her son’s teacher too.