Over this past year he’s said goodbye to bottles and hello to sippy cups.

Goodbye to crawling and hello to running

Goodbye to pointing and hello to to talking

Goodbye to his rear facing car seat and hello to a forward facing one

Goodbye to his crib and hello to his floorbed

Goodbye to all things baby and hello to all things boy.

His favorite things are:  “Go Colts Football!” “Race Cars!” “Big Trucks!” “Yogurt!” “Milk!”

He follows his big sister around like she’s in charge.

He gives bear hugs and open-mouth kisses.

He gets very concerned when he hears, “Baby crying. Baby CRYING!!”

He asks, “Why?” and “Where’d _______ go?” incessantly.

It’s hard to believe he’s only been around for two years, because we don’t really remember life without him!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!