Summer Haze

I’m not quite sure how it’s suddenly the middle of July, but it is. After road tripping most of June, we’ve spent most of July by the pool. 

I’ve come up with an equation- for every hour of swimming, bed time moves a half hour earlier. It’s kind of amazing. We swam for FOUR hours yesterday, and the boy fell asleep, on the living room floor, at 6pm.

When we’ve been out of the water, we’ve been at the library, reading books and earning points through the Gear Up for Good Summer Reading Program. Turns out, I’m a little obsessive when it comes to earning the “good” prizes, which I categorize as “free pass” or “BOGO pass” to attractions around town. The kids, on the other hand, are obsessive about their “good prizes”, which so far includes Laser Fingers and Blob Goo.

Enter my big discovery of 2012: Non-Fiction Books are Worth FIFTEEN POINTS. That means every non-fiction easy reader is worth three times the points of a book classified as a picture book. WIth this discovery, we’ll be rolling in all the “good” prizes in no time. Which is good, because there’s only two weeks left to earn points.

For real. Where has the summer gone??

Also..if you are itching to take a dip, check out Fort Harrison’s YMCA BRAND NEW Outdoor Pool. There’s a grand opening this Saturday, July 14th, and admission is free and open to the public. Read all about it!

School’s Out for Summer (almost)

Today MaM graduated from kindergarten, but in Indiana snow-day fashion, she still has school next week. But between updating the Savvy Source City Guide and penciling summer events on the family calendar, I’m looking forward to some summer fun.

This summer will be different because I’ll be working two days a week. It turns out, most jobs don’t go on hiatus like teaching jobs do. Go figure. Anyway, three days a week we’ll have the day to do with as we please.

Here are some things I’m hoping we can enjoy this summer:

1) THE POOLS: Oh the pools– the pool in our neighborhood, the pool at the gym, the pool at the local park, and any pool we are randomly invited to swim in, how I cannot wait to go to the pool!!

2) The Library Summer Reading Program: MaM has become an amazing reader over this past school year. Amazing enough she’ll be able to read books that are worth more points, which will be kind of fun for her.

3) Movies at the Library: Ok, so the past two years we’ve been enjoying the free movies at the local theaters, but this year they are charging. They are charging a dollar per person, which suddenly makes RedBox a cheaper option. But the library has a whole summer of movies planned, so I think we will go there. And probably we’ll be seeing Cars 2 in the theater. There’s at least one person in our house who’s very excited!

4) An Indians Game: We meant to go last summer, but we never did. Does it get any better in Indy than at Victory Field on a nice summer’s night?

5) Free Bowling: Select bowling centers are offering two free games of bowling per day all a summer long for kids under 17, how fun is that? All you pay for is shoe rental. The kids LOVE to bowl, so I’ll be signing up to get the coupons every week and will hit the lanes some point. Here’s the link for free summer bowling.

What’s on your summer fun list?

Family Vacation 2011

About 12 hours the Chik-Fil-A Leadercast , we loaded up Kahuna One and headed south. We were Orlando bound, for a week of fun in the sun.

Fun and sun were had by all!

We had a full week of fun at my parents’ timeshare (thanks, Mom and Dad), complete with hours and hours of swimming by the pool, ice cream eating, and watching cable TV.

We also met the Mouse. If you’ve met the Mouse, you know that it’s an expensive venture. We were on the fence about doing it,  as I’m sure many parents are, because if your kid wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, you may as well have set fire to a couple of  hundred dollar bills and call it a day. (I wrote about the money aspect of our Disney visit at Persephone this week)

Guess what? The kids woke up on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED.

We got there in plenty of time to see the welcoming show and see Mickey open the park.

We met thirteen different characters, including three princesses, Mary Poppins, Woody & Jessie. They signed our autograph books and gave hugs and made the kids feel like a million bucks.

We rode fifteen rides, MaM rode three of them twice. There were no lines, the crowds were thin and navigating the park was easy.

We had a sit down lunch, which was perfect for cooling off and taking a  breather during the heat of the day.

We were actually able to stay through until the park’s fireworks finale.

A week later, the kids are still talking about it.

I love vacation.