Spring Break Kahuna Style

We’ve been Spring Breaking here since 1:00pm on March 22nd. MARCH 22nd. Do you know how long ago that was? To be fair, only the boy has a 10 day spring break. The girl has the standard week, and I’m thankful that the duo does have five “at home” days together. Not that we’ve really been at home.

We’ve hunted for eggs at Grandma’s.

We’ve visited the Brookfield Zoo.


Leilan and I went on a double date and saw the musical American Idiot.

We saw the Pine Wood Derby track at the Indiana State Museum (the big race is April 6th).

The Indiana Artisan Marketplace is this weekend, we’ve got an 8th grade play to see and a special event at Church on Sunday. I’ll be ready to get back into the swing of things on Monday, but this break has been a very good way to welcome spring!

Oh. And I discovered Pic Monkey. Watch out!